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RES Known Issues


  1. Type a "." (dot/period/full stop) on a reddit page to pull up the RES console.
  2. Paste RESStorage update RESmodules.userTagger.tags into the console and press enter.
  3. Select everything and paste it into the RES Tags field below.
  4. Click Merge.
  5. Paste the resulting JSON into the RES console dialog opened previously, and click confirm.

Existing vote and colour data will always be perserved through merges. Tag text will be replaced if you've not modified it since your last updating using this tool - this is so that comment and percentage data is correctly updated.

Tag Replacements

The following tag text will be replaced with comment stats:

  • Tags equal to "SRS"
  • Tags equal to "SRSSucks"
  • Tags containing "Mod of "
  • Tags that were generated by this tool - detected using this regex /(SRS(Sucks)?) \[(.*)\]/.

Existing tags won't be overwrote by new tags. For example, assume you have user foo tagged as SRS foobar with -3 votes, and you merge the SRS username list including foo into your existing tags your original data (tag text, votes and colour) will remain.

Change Log

  • 13/08/13 - Fixed typo where SRSS subs weren't getting updated. Fuck.
  • 13/08/13 - Added publicly available JSON exports.
  • 07/07/13 - You can now select different tag colours.
  • 07/07/13 - Fixed bug where some fempire mods weren't getting correctly updated.
  • 08/07/13 - Added more detail to the instructions.
  • 13/07/13 - Now tracks a few extra SRSSucks subs.
  • 23/06/13 - Fempire mods now uses subreddits in the fempire directory.

How to read the tags

SRS [13%, 11] | SRSSucks [87%, 72]

  • SRS - This user posts in SRS
  • 13% - 13% of this users posts are in SRS
  • 11 - 11 comments by this user have been made in SRS, or a monitored fempire mod

  • SRSSucks - This user posts in SRSSucks
  • 87% - 87% of this users posts are in SRSSucks
  • 72 - 72 comments by this user have been made in SRSSucks

The background colour of the tag is picked based on which subreddit the user posts in most. With two exceptions:

  1. If you merge your tags with different colours the colour will not be overwrote.
  2. if you opt to tag Fempire mods, they will be given the Fempire colour regardless of how many posts they make

Additional tags for Fempire mods looks like this:

SRS [13%, 11] | SRSSucks [87%, 72] - Mod of SRSFoo


The following data is available for export as JSON from's database.

JSON values should be self-explanatory. Contact me on reddit if you want help or older data.

You can pick any date period up to 31 days by manulating the URL.


Users and their total comment counts. Comment counts are based on all data, not just what was seen in the date period selected. For example, if you select 7 days, then you'll get all users that has seen post in the last 7 days, but their comment counts will be from all data for them.


Comments seen in tracked subreddits. Timestamp is when saw them, not their actual post time.

Users seen in the last 7 days Download
Users seen in the last 14 days Download
Users seen in the last 31 days Download
Comments seen in the last 7 days Download
Comments seen in the last 14 days Download
Comments seen in the last 31 days Download


Made by /u/Vusys

Feel free to PM bugs and suggestions to me on reddit. uses:

Do not untick these unless you want to roughly double your number of tags.